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Future of Tech

Jul 6, 2020

If you ask Shane Mac what he thinks about the current state of technology, he’ll tell you that he believes tech has barely even started. We’re only 20 years into the full use of the internet, yet Shane believes we’ve already become lost in our devices and technology. So what if we told you that the future of tech might actually be creating a world that allows us to disconnect digitally and reconnect socially? Shane is the SVP of Conversocial and he’s trying to build that future, which he calls a world after apps. In this episode we will talk about how Shane thinks technology will evolve to help us become engaged personally, where the money in this industry is going to flow, what consumers really love and want, and one tip from Shane to the telco and communication companies.

3 Takeaways:

  • We are entering a new era of technology called the “assistant era,” which could spell the end of mobile apps and the rise of voice tying tech systems together 
  • The technology of the future will be built to help us be more social by automating things that will allow us to get off our devices
  • Consumers love messaging, but they hate messaging humans for transactional purposes


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